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3 Jun, 2024
Kuwait Scientific Society Takes Helm of Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine and Introduces DOI Implementation


3 Jun, 2024
Kuwait Scientific Society Takes Helm of Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine and Introduces DOI Implementation

Kuwait City, Kuwait - [Date] - The Kuwait Scientific Society is proud to announce the new management of Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine, a leading journal dedicated to the latest advancements in cardiology. As part of our commitment to enhancing the journal's reach and impact, we are implementing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for all published content, ensuring greater accessibility and traceability for researchers and practitioners worldwide.


Key Developments:

  • New Management: Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine is now under the esteemed management of the Kuwait Scientific Society, reflecting our dedication to promoting high-quality research and knowledge dissemination in the field of cardiology.
  • DOI Implementation: Each article published in Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine will be assigned a unique DOI, providing permanent and reliable links for citations and references, thereby enhancing the visibility and academic impact of the research.
  • Open Access and No Publication Fees: To support the broad dissemination of scientific knowledge, Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine will continue to be an open-access journal with no publication charges for authors.


New Journal URL: For more information, submissions, and access to our articles, please visit our new website:


About Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine:

  • Title: Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Abbreviation: Dialogues Cardiovasc Med.
  • Disciplines: Medicine, Health Science, Cardiology
  • Frequency: Published three times a year
  • Audience: Cardiologists, physicians, and healthcare professionals with an interest in cardiology


“We are excited to embark on this new chapter for Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine,” said Dr. [Name], President of the Kuwait Scientific Society. “Our goal is to enhance the journal’s global impact by providing a robust platform for the latest research in cardiology, supported by the reliable and accessible infrastructure that DOIs offer.”


Call for Submissions: Researchers and practitioners in the field of cardiology are invited to submit their original research, reviews, and case studies. Detailed submission guidelines are available on our website.

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